The Morning Slap

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WARNING: Heavy slap to come!

Miles Whittaker, more famous for his projects Pendle Coven, Demdike Stare (with Sean Canty), MLZ and many others comes back under his own name. The Berlin-based british artist signs here a unique work of a very new genre, sometimes close to Demdike Stare, of course, but much more minimal, repetitive and hypnotic. It’s wild and urban, you travel during 50 minutes from an oppressing jungle to post-apocalyptic industrial landscapes without leaving your seat. There’s nothing really to compare and that’s what I love: too minimalist Future Sound Of London, too ambient for Basic Channel, but it’s somewhere lost in-between. Miles is not only a great musician, he is a great story teller and that’s of course high praise in such an insipid world of electronic music. Every of his work just match perfect together and that’s probably the case of every release produced by one of the Modern Love fellows (Andy Stott, Claro Intelecto, Move D, …). You are probably all waiting for the new Daft Punk, but I can promise that Miles’s new album Faint Hearted is the finest you will find this year in your vinyl shop. Congrats, dude, I still can’t believe you mastered my album! See you at the Pudel, HH

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